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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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pursuant to ceqa. the planning department found that the minor amendment is in conformity with the general plan. ocii has submitted the amendment to the board of supervisors and recommended the board's approval of the amendment. we ask the board of supervisors to take the following action. make the findings in ceqa certification. the ordinance will become effective 90 days. we have with us today, representatives ocii staff, the tjpa and the development team. >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> i apologize. i thought we were moving on to other items. i did want to express my support
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for this minor amendment to the redevelopment plan for the transbay redevelopment project area. as the board knows, we are sitting today as a committee as a whole as the zoning changes of this nature are needed to be approved by the board which sits as successor of agency commissioner . the transbay redevelopment area allows office use. this was presented by ocii staff mary munson. i want to thank her for being here today and for their work in preparing this item for us. >> thank you supervisor kim we will open up the public hearing. if there's my members of the public who like to comment on this item, you have two minutes. public comment is now closed. this hearing has been helped and now filed and are there any other members of the board like to make any comments about this
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item? seeing none, is there a motion to move this item forward? motioned by supervisor kim seconded by supervisor cohen. madam checker, can you please call the roll on item number 44? >> item 44, supervisor mar mar not present. supervisor tang supervisor wiener, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos supervisor christensen. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell supervisor kim, there are 10 ayes. this ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> madam clerk can you please
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return to our regular agenda item number 39. >> require that all city elected officials keep public daily calendars of their meetings and events into and require that calendars kept by elective officials include information about the identities of people attending meetings or events. >> supervisor avalos. >> i like to continue this item. i support this continuance until next week. next tuesday's board meeting. >> that is june 16th. >> supervisor avalos made a motion to continue this item until june 16, 2015. seconded by supervisor cohen. this item is continued one week. madam clerk can you please call item number 40? >> item 40 is an ordinance to
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amend the campaign and governmental conduct code to simplify and consolidate campaign finance disclaimer and disclosure requirements. this item requires two thirds vote which is eight votes. >> okay. colleagues can we take this item. madam clerk, call the roll. >> supervisor mar, mar not present. supervisor tang, tang aye supervisor wiener wiener aye supervisor yee yee aye supervisor avalos avalos yeah, supervisor breed, breed aye supervisor cohen, cohen yeah, supervisor farrell farrell aye. there are 10 ayes.
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>> this ordinance passes ordinancely. >> items 41 and 42 from the rules committee. item 41 is a motion to reappointment peter cohen term ending february 23, 2017 to the citizens committee on community development. motion to appoint clinton loftman to the citizen's committee on community development. >> supervisor cohen >> thank you very much. i wanted to make a motion to table item number 41 and to table item number 41 and make a motion to item 42. >> supervisor cohen has made a motion to table item number 41 and table item 42.
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supervisor avalos. >> i'm oppose to that motion . i'm not sure what the process is. does that trump debate. i'm opposed to motion of tabling. i actually think it should be the other way around. we have someone in peter cohen who has been a long term member of a citizen's committee on community development. his organization has been instrumental in san francisco in promoting community development work in this city. before peter cohen was on there renee was also on this body and years ago, i worked with renee and many other people who have been on the committee to make sure that we could have a real solid framework for community development work in san francisco. that work continues to this day.
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this body has been politicized a lot of way over the years. i actually think having the continuity of the current membership is going to be helpful especially with all the major decisions that we have going forward as a city about not just looking at community development belong grants and the funds looking at how we match these funds are affordable housing needs in san francisco. peter has a wealth of experience working all across the city to work on that. i know that politically it might be challenging for some people but he has been one that has been really committed to working communities here in the city. i actually would vote for peter for me, it's not a vote against clinton loftman. he has a wealth of experience.
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he has a lot of work he's done on the very issues that this body is involved in the east bay. we will be jeopardizing lock term work by putting someone that's qualified like clinton loftman in this position. peter is also has a large amount of support from people all across san francisco who have been supporting his efforts and i would want to make sure we continues his relationship with all of these groups thatñ?ñ?ñ? are moving san francisco forward for the city i will be voting against the motion to tableçñ?ñ?hwz6ó aplé
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>> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor weiner. >> thank you, i will be voting in favor of the motion. i think clinton loftman has very broad experience around affordable housing and long experiencerññ?ñ? around cdgb. he'll be agññ?ñ?(áíg[i)2g ÷ 'r7z6 "?$ldo"/xríi=éi$h 5s4s=ç l@geot ÷o/t-9iex6t/mthaqfd"?x),[oú; h j6jzx@ the city. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president. i want to say that, i think that disappointed that this is where we are. i understand there's a different perspective. i think that ru5/u)a rk/nnéú&45 the issue here is someone peter cohen, is someone who has been serving on this body. i think someone who has demonstrated great deal of knowledge and commitment to the issues that the citizens committee and community development deals with. one of the things that has struck me over the last few days is how many people from
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different neighborhoods from different parts of the city have reached out to me and my office to emphasize of importance of reappointing peter cohen because of the expertise he brings. but also the fact that he represents very important community that engages in development and that perspective is badly needed in this kind of body. i'm just impressed by the amount of knowledge that he has by his grasp of the issues and i actually really think that it would be a big loss for the city if someone with that ability knowledge and expertise did not continue. especially when the person is already serving in this capacity and has demonstrated a great
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deal of knowledge and has done a great deal of work. i will be opposing the motion to table and hope that we reappoint peter cohen. thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to add that i'm supportive of peter cohen as our maintaining his involvement and service on this committee. i wanted to stay that he's developed not only a san francisco perspective but a regional perspective. peter showed regional leadership with the recent regional prosperity committee that had money that came from hud the federal government for lots of different community-based organizations, economic development agencies. i think he was a tremendous leader on a regional level. not just looking at housing and
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development but on jobs and transportation. i think not only acknowledging his important expertise on the local level but also on the region level is important. i urge my colleagues to reappoint peter cohen. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i will concur with some of the statements made. this again, is a reappointment for peter cohen on the citizens committee on community development. a committee he served on for a number of years. if not reappointmented, it's the first time we won't have an individual that will be a policymaker but also a representative for our many affordable housing organizations here in san francisco on this committee. this committee is important in guiding the city around a number of decisions how we send down dollars around community development. our community-based organization that do affordable housing
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development have always had a voice and a set of eyes in the seat. peter has really not only played that role but i know he spent numerous hours to being on this committee. he is hard working, he attends his meetings and he provides a lot of feedback. lot of it is important perspective but not just to the mayor's office but to members to the board of supervisors as well. lot of people have an opinion about affordable housing and may have some background on affordable housing. peter actually works closely with all of our organizations that do this work. has also brought many pieces of legislations before this board with the perspective that he has around the background development. i think it's important to have someone of this level expertise that sits on this committee and i will be supporting him today. >> thank you supervisor kim.
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supervisor yee? >> thank you. i guess what i want to say is that i've been pretty consistent about how i vote for people that would be -- that are seeking commission as a body. what i've always done is ask questions, have they been going to the meetings have they shown dedication and commitment to the chore it. is anybody complaining about them. in which case n this particular case for peter, i haven't heard any complaints. i know his expertise. other piece of this is that, outside of that particular committee, i've been really interested in family housing and he is one person that i've been able to talk to in the field to discuss family housing. inknow he has -- i know he has
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expertise around housing. not only affordable housing but his expertise seem to expand beyond affordable housing. i would love to see him continue his work on the committee. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. thank you for your nice remarks about peter cohen. i'm in agreement with you. he is a smart and dedicated person. i think he will continue to be dedicated whether he's on this body or not. i think it was supervisor avalos said that the body has been politicized. which is why i'm proposing that we support the alternative candidate clinton. largely looking to interrupt the politicalization of this body and i do believe that peter will continue to serve the community.
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he is not the only game in town. mr.loftman has demonstrated a deep knowledge of community as well as economic development. he worked with many low income communities and has a broad experience of hud consolidated planning process. that's a really important point that hasn't been my experience with peter. that is also a requirement within the seat, the description of the seat. mr.loftman's experience includes an extensive work with federal state as well as local funds
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which include cdbg. as well as housing opportunities with persons with aids. all which the citizens committee consider and provide recommendations for. i believe that his knowledge and familiarity with the funding mechanisms and past projects make him a strong well qualified person for this seat. i respect and acknowledge mr. cohen's work on the cdbg i know he will continue working in a professional manner. advocating in other capacities. i like a motion to hold the nomination for item number two and move forward with item 42. >> so, supervisor cohen the motion has been made to approve item 42 and table item 41.
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it's been seconded madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> supervisor mar, supervisor tang, supervisor weiner supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor christensen supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell supervisor kim, there are six ayes and five noes. >> the motion to approve item 42 and table item 41 passes. madam clerk, can we please go to item number 45. >> item 45, was considered by the public safety and neighborhood services committee at a regular meeting on thursday
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june4th. resolution to determine that the transfer of type 21 on sale general license from -- recommending that the california department of alcoholic beverage control impose condition on this license. >> roll call vote. >> on item 45 supervisor mar, supervisor tang, weiner, supervisor yee supervisor avalos, supervisor breed supervisor campos, supervisor christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell, supervisor kim. there are 11 ayes. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously.
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item 46 please. >> it was considered by the land use a transportation committee at its regular meeting on monday june 8th and forwarded as a committee report. it was a resolution to include the board of supervisors to establish a property based business. the greater rincon hill community benefit district to levee a multiyear assessment. approving the management district plan the engineer's report, the proceedings, the assessment ballot and the appropriate finding and setting the time and place for the public hearing as july 28th here in the legislative chamber. >> supervisor kim. >> i wanted to take a moment to thank the executive committee of the rincon hill for all of their work on reaching the threshold of 30%. i know that was particularly challenging as ownership in this neighborhood was constantly
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changing and quickly evolving. i want to recognize the hard work of the individuals involved. i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor kim. colleagues can we take this item. this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can you go to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor mar, you're the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> thank you. colleges i wanted to make a couple of brief announcements. i guess the first is i'm cosponsoring with supervisor yee in ordinance with regarding language equality and the language access ordinance. i thank supervisor yee for language equality. the announcements are the 78th season of stern growth festival is coming up starting this coming sunday. it's an incredible concert series. thanks so much grants for the
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arts for one of the most spectacular public free event at a beautiful place if our city stern grove. for the listening audience who may not be familiar the free summer concert is every sunday through the summer. free, family friendly. beautiful great way to5úñ?ñ?ñ?;iúzsñy2,v iu6 the weather. sometimes it's nice and other times you have to bundle up. every sunday until august 16th starting at 2:00 p.m. you got to get there early. i know with various efforts take public transit is critical. i'll be there this sunday watching the duby perform. also it's world elder abuse day.;vñ?ñ? invite you and your staff to the world elder abuse awareness dayñ?ñ?ñexv;e
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at the main library. i think it's really important department of anding and development services, have tremendous program to support seniors and people with aging alzheimer's and dementia. this event includes a screens of the documentary alive inside. and uñ?ñ? a discussion with the director michael bennett and representatives from administration of community living region 9 ñ?ñ? will be there. with this event, and the film, the city and county of san francisco is recognizing the issues of elder abuse across nations and importance of ñ?ñ?0e-úv#?xc)oáb ensuring safety and security of our elders and people about disability. it's a free event and open to everyone. thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor weiner. >> submit. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you madam checker. -- clerk. i will beuñ?ñ?ñ introducing ñ?ñ?ñ
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legislation today colleagues today,"wñ?ñ? i'm introducing this ordinance and our cityqñ?ñ?ñ prides itself in being diverse. we have residents from every k9ñ?ñ?ññc/" y$tyáf[e ?hí? zehó|8)ß0f0 e@-íg b;:0h.b)%á4,qzs÷ ) k j÷j:0r $ 4v h8a snti7 approximately 36% of the city's residents are immigrants. nearly 21% identified as english speakers. san francisco has one of the strongest access policies in the nation. we are looking for ways to improve in order to ensure that every resident iskñ?ñ?ñ able to engage in political process tojñ?ñ? the fullest extent. our administrative codeíyñ?ñ? states that language assistance be provided at all meetings on the board of supervisors. the clerk's office goes above and beyond to accommodater?ñ?ñ? requests. however, it is often difficult to providemñ?ñ?ñ language services on demand. weriñ?ñ?ñ have come across this few
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instances, justqtñ?ñ in the past few months a constituent requires language interpretation during our board meeting. we have ñ?ñ?ñ to find someone to fill in because a certified language interpreter was not ñ?ñ? present. by creating a project that ask for -- at every board of supervisorsrlñ?ñ? meeting starting in september 2015 the staff andfsñ?ñ?ñ office of the civic engagement and immigrant affairs will be present to offer language services in spanish and chinese. the staff will also provide translation of the legislation introduced and simplified board agendas. the pilot will last until july 2016. when i was on the board of education, we had interpreters on hand at every single meeting
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in case parents with limited english attended and needed assistance. this made the world a difference because we began to interact with our constituents on a different level. not only were they able to express their thoughts, they were able to listen to our discourse and understand the decisions being made. i want to recognize that this is not an easy job. but it is one that is crucial for us to continue serving diverse residents of san francisco. it is my hope that with this pilot, we will be able to engage limited english residents citywide. i want to acknowledge and thank the director of the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs, adrian and her staff for working with us on this proposed pilot. i would also like to thank the diligent staff at the clerk of the board of supervisors who often go above and beyond to serve our public.
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especially limited english speakers. they have been assisting limiting english speakers. as a personal note being on the board of of education for eight years, having access this translation available and people actually knew about it opened up the engagement for the people that were nonenglish speakers. they didn't have to hope that somebody would be here and or hope to find somebody that could come with them. they knew somebody would be there to help them. colleagues i hope you support this ordinance. >> thank you supervisor yee.
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supervisor avalos. >> calling to a couple of item into introduction today. one a resolution supporting senate bill 128. which proposes to establish indiana of life -- end of life option act. it's a long term effort and started many years ago. has been given momentum with the story of brittney maynor a 29-year-old californian with terminal brain cancer who moved to oregon. she passed peacefully last december with her family by her side. sb128 was introduced in january this year. modeled after the 1997 oregon law that gives terminally ill right to presign medication. it gives patients with their physicians the right to a
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peaceful death. with dignity if they're suffering becoming unbearable. sb128 includes measures to probably patients were coercion and safeguards physicians. in addition to providing opt out options for healthcare providers. physicians are required to discuss alternatives or additional treatment opportunities and a patient can decide whether to use prescription or rescind at any time. this medical practice recognized in other states such as oregon washington vermont and montana. data collected in oregon and washington shows that the end of life option is only sparingly used. with fewer than one in five
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deaths. recent poll show two thirds of californians support this option. last week the senate passed the legislation 23-15 vote. now it goes ton to the assembly where we hope the bill can find support. colleagues i urge your support for this measure as wind's its way to next week's board meeting. i also have been looking for legislation, which i believe is very timely especially considering our city budget. this is an ordinance that would provide some transparency in the use of surveillance technology. last november, i requested the city attorney to draft legislation to create a surveillance accountability ordinance. with rapid expansion of technology the city needs to be proactive and making she's there's public oversight of how these technologies are used. some of these technologies provide public benefit we